Learn to Confidently Engage Children on Telehealth!

 Here is what you get:

Each coaching package includes the Weekly Course Plan:

Easy, Step-by-Step Interventions to Engage Your Clients For the Entire Session

Learn How To Support Your Clients and Their Families Under COVID-19 So That You Can Feel Confident In Any Parent Conversation

Understand How Children Respond to Collective Traumatic Events So That You Can Support Them During and After the Pandemic

Learn New Online Mindfulness Tools and Age Appropriate Meditation Techniques

Made-For-You Scripts to Jumpstart Your Creativity to Look Forward To Every Session Without Worry

Can’t Sit Still Interventions” So That You Always Know What To Do in Session When Kiddos Leave the Screen, Mute the Video, End the Session Early, No Show, and Beyond

Not to worry - we will hold your hand every step of the way!!


40+ Interventions

  • 4 recorded global online 1 hour seminars to help you keep and build your caseload
  • All recorded classes are in your portal along with all of the original tele-interventions and tools  
  • Learn to support your clients and their families under COVID-19, understand how children respond to collective traumatic events, learn TONS OF interventions that work online and age-appropriate mindfulness tools
  • Learn the self-care techniques necessary to minimize physical and emotional impact
  • Access to handouts + live recorded Zoom sessions through your personal member course portal
  • Connect to like-minded clinicians in our Facebook group
  • ​​FREE BONUS: 4-Intervention Pack with Worksheets and Scripts to Use with Clients  

Walk into your teletherapy 
work week with confidence!


(This one time payment comes out to less than $3.25 per day for 1 month)

100+ Interventions

"The Ultimate Teletherapy Engagement"
Bonus Mini-Course!"

  • Includes Launchpad 
  • ​4 recorded global online 1 hour seminars to help you keep and build your caseload
  • ​100+ interventions written out for you to use: first session interventions, emotional regulation, mindfulness, termination, loss, and beyond! 
  • ​​The Complete Child Mind-Body Formula: A Step By Step Method to Engage Clients in Sessions from Start to Finish
  • ​*New Interactive Tele-Interventions to Jumpstart Your Creativity to Look Forward To Every Session Without Worry
  • ​​“Crucial Moments” Interventions So That You Always Know What To Do in Session when kiddos leave the screen, mute the video, end the session early, no show, and beyond
  • ​ “Can’t Sit Still” Interventions To Engage a Hyperactive Child and Ease Your Anxiety
  • Family Life in Quarantine Cheat Sheets to Build Credibility in the Pandemic Landscape
  • Made-For-You Scripts and Emails to Feel Confident In Any Parent Conversation, Receive Consistent Inquiries and Survive in COVID-19
  • ​Start each teletherapy week with renewed excitement 
  • ​FREE BONUS: The Ultimate Teletherapy Engagement Recipe: The 5 Need-To-Know Ingredients for Success with Children Ages 4-12! 
  • FREE ​BONUS: All You Can Play! 3 Virtual Therapy Rooms for Ultimate Engagement 
  • FREE BONUS: 12-Intervention Pack with Worksheets and Scripts to Use with Clients 
  • ​FREE BONUS: 1-Month Private Access to Ashley and Maria via Exclusive Facebook Group 

Cruise into your teletherapy work week with even more confidence!


(One time payment for all materials above and includes Launchpad)

4 Spots Left!

  • Includes Launchpad 
  • Three 50 min. custom private coaching sessions with Ashley & Maria
  • Comprehensive review of your practice and concerns and accountability to get you where you want to be
  • ​Personalized interventions and tools for your skillset and population
  • Custom marketing scripts that highlight your unique offerings and abilities
  • ​An audit of your website to make sure you're optimized for your digital practice
  • ​Session 1: Understand Your Telehealth Business, Marketing and Fees and Establish Goals
  • ​Session 2: Identify Roadblocks and Create a Step by Step Plan to Build Your Practice
  • Session 3: Establish Long Term Action Steps and Go Digital Your Way with Confidence
  • ​Offer Limited to 5 people

Sail into your teletherapy 
work week with confidence!


(This one time payment includes Launchpad and Mastery)

Ashley Graber is nationally recognized Meditation and Mindfulness Educator, Speaker and Syndicated Columnist based in Santa Monica and holds a master's degree in clinical psychology. She is a child specialist and parent coach who has worked digitally for 5 years. Ashley is trauma trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) for adults and children, she co-created the Mindfulness for Families Program at The Center for Mindful Living and is an owner of Evenflow mindfulness company & meditation app. At Accessing the Digital Child, Ashley acts in a coaching capacity to offer psychoeducation and coaching.

Maria holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology. Maria previously worked at The Center for Toddler Development at Columbia University where she researched the play patterns of young children who were in the buildings or across the street from the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Maria examined how children create safety in the face of collective trauma, loss, and change of routine. At Accessing the Digital Child, Maria acts in a coaching capacity to offer psychoeducation and coaching.
To contact Ashley and Maria, email accessingthedigitalchild@gmail.com 

"Thank you so much for taking the time to support our community to service our clients and their families! After your webinar, I am SO excited to start setting up my space and planning out my sessions with kiddos. Thank you for the inspiration!"
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